Saturday, February 20, 2016

バレンタインデー 2016

Okay, one post a month is quite something. Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day and I took some pictures during my preparations, so this post is going to be really pink and sweet.

I failed to buy baking stuff so I ended up with just decorating Pocky sticks. But they look really cute, right? I should do that more often… Of course there weren’t a lot of sticks so I had to think about what I could do with the leftovers. I mixed the white chocolate with a little bit matcha powder (I love matcha) and just made chocolate balls or whatever you would call it. I think they don’t look bad either. It’s all about creativity.

Today I’m so obsessed with TWICE’s first mini album. Their cuteness fits well with this post. 

Friday, January 1, 2016


Wow, 2015 is already over. Anyway, I wish y'all a happy new year! I think 2016 will be even more amazing than 2015 and yes, my 2015 was already really awesome. 

I know that I'll never be one of the cool bloggers because maybe I just don't have enough things to tell. Or maybe I'm just not passionate enough for it. But I still enjoy every word I write and every picture I post and this whole social media thing is just part of my life that I can't deny. A big thank you to those who still read my lame blog.

P.S.: Mommy, you're a good photographer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The 6 Japanese "must-have" beauty products

OMG what? She's doing a beauty review?! Yes kind of, although i've tried it several times i just think that i totally suck in this part of the big blogging world. I do like beauty products but i'm way too lazy and clumsy to try a wide range of them and well... to review them. But because i was in Japan and i really wanted to know what's super duper cool there i had to research it. Aaaand i definitely found some nice products (besides the things i already knew that they were cool). So here are six awesome beauty products which you maybe want to buy the next time when you're in Japan (or maybe on the internet):

1. LuLuLun face mask

Let's start with this pink package of cuteness. I guess it is one of the best sellers in Japan because i saw it nearly everywhere. Well, Asians love face masks but unlike the creamy face masks which are more common here in Germany for example, the Asians use sheet face masks. I already knew some from Korea and now it was time for a Japanese version. Kat and i bought this package together because -lol- it has 42 sheets and we just wanted to try it, right? 1500 Yen are ~11 €, which i think is totally okay for so many sheets. This is the basic moisturizing mask and i think it offers great value for money. (And the package is fucking pink, i love it!)

2. Shiseido "Perfect Whip" foam facial cleanser

Like i already told you, i am one of the laziest persons in the world. And i surely never had that time to wash my face properly. But now i do because i have the hope that my skin might get a little more beautiful if i do that. (Sometimes i didn't even remove my make-up before i went to bed and THAT.IS.NOT.GOOD!) Whenever i heard the name Shiseido i always assumed that it's fucking expensive and i could never afford it as long as i'm a poor student. But hey, in Japan Shiseido also has a drugstore line which isn't expensive at all. And i found the "Perfect Whip" facial cleanser in Don Quijote (Donki ♥ the best discount which is open 24 hours and has everything from clothes to phone cases). I don't know exactly the price anymore but i think it was about 300 Yen? The foam feels quite smooth on your skin and yes... i like bubbles.

3. Dolly Wink eyeliner

Since Kim gave me the first Dolly Wink eyeliner 4 years ago i'm convinced that Japanese eyeliners are the one and only for me. I was so unhappy with the non-Japanese eyeliners after, e.g. L'oreal totally sucked. Last year Kim gave me an eyeliner from the Japanese brand Kiss Me which was really good, too. What i like the most about them is the brush. I don't understand why it's so hard to find an eyeliner with exactly that brush in Germany. I only saw it from Artdeco (a little bit expensive for my standards) and Essence (sucks). I wished i bought a bunch of Japanese eyeliners for the next years because they're really good. They have a tattoo effect which makes it hard to smudge your eyeliner-on-point... oh yes, it costs around 1000 Yen.

4. Isehan Kiss Me Heroin Make mascara  

I read that Japanese mascaras were also quite awesome and that's why i definitely wanted to buy one. And THIS.WAS.A.JACKPOT! I'm not sure whether it's really a mascara with fibers but i believe that i saw something... Anyway, this is really one of the best mascaras i ever had and i would be so ready to do a real beauty review with this mascara and the lash curler below if anyone is interested because i'm absolutely amazed. My eyelashes have never looked this perfect like they do with this mascara. And most of the Japanese mascaras are waterproof and smudgeproof so don't worry if you can't find any sign of it. I got this one for 700 Yen. 

5. Shiseido eyelash curler

Mai told me that i should bring her the Shiseido eyelash curler and then i thought "hey, maybe i should try this out, too". And yes, again it wasn't expensive at all but only 500 whatever Yen. I think that other Shiseido lash curlers do exist which are more expensive but i didn't see them. But well, this one works fine, too. My lashes are on fleek. I can't say if it's really better than other lash curlers i had used before because they always work quite okay when they are new but i like it.

6. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Yes, this is an oil but it doesn't make your skin oily haha. In the past i only used make-up remover sheets because... washing my face in the evening was again a really long process which i simply didn't want to complete. Now i'm a total freak and i can't wait to remove my make-up later with this cleansing oil because i love to use it. My skin was a little bit dried out after the first use but that's only because my skin is a bitch. No, it really removes your make-up perfectly. Bye bye waterproof and smudgeproof mascara. I bought this one from Amazon (i was quite unsure in Japan but when i was back in Germany again i wanted it so bad) for 25 $.

Do you have experiences with the products listed above or do you have any other recommendations on Japanese products? I would love to read them! :)